About Pellicci Management Group

Pellicci Management Group is a boutique management consulting firm of international experts, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our carefully chosen group of partners includes globally renowned experts, each with more than two decades of experience in:


• Project Management
• Startup Management

• Business Development

• Market Entry Advisory


Pellicci Management Group was founded based on a clear vision – to create an agile, boundaryless and highly adaptable management and business support service. We are not bound by industry or location, nor are we restricted to offering a single service. As an international group of top-level executives with extensive experience across dozens of industries, we can quickly and effectively adapt to each client’s brand and goals.


Pellicci Management Group do not provide out-of-the-box solutions, and it shows. Our comprehensive and highly customizable service gives clients the bespoke support their company needs to overcome challenges and perform at its best.