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There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing the experts are on your side. We help enterprises of all sizes stay on budget, on target, and on form, with bespoke project management and business support services, delivered by international experts.


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Pellicci Management Group is a boutique management consulting firm of international experts. Our group of partners includes globally renowned experts in project management, global business development, startup management, digital transformation architecture, market entry advisory and business support, each with more than two decades of experience across four continents. This wealth of expertise is now at your disposal.


We offer bespoke project management and business support services to companies, groups and individual clients of all industries, in the Middle East and beyond. We treat all our clients as individuals, tailoring our role and level of input to fit each case. Whichever PMG service package you require, we’ll make sure you have the right experts on your team,      and a strategy designed to generate the best return on your investment.


“Steve Jobs once said that a small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players – this principle is one of the core ideals upon which Pellicci Management Group was built.                                 We’re A+ players in our respective fields. We deliver excellence, on time, every time.”


– Sandra Pellicci, Managing Director –


Why choose Pellicci Management Group?


We employ innovative strategies based on decades of experience. Our team make-up is flexible, and our service bespoke, so you’ll always get a customized solution with the most highly qualified experts at the helm.


Track record 

Experience matters. Our partners have multi-national track records of delivering outstanding results on diverse, high-stakes projects. If you want something done the right way, the first time, we can help.



Transparency and openness are more than just buzzwords. These are the central values driving PMG’s operations. We never commit to a project if we feel we’re not a good fit. When we do make a commitment, we deliver – without exception.



We thrive on challenges and will always seek out opportunities to cover new ground. We’re not afraid to take a different approach or to tackle a problem with unorthodox strategies – though we never subject our clients to unnecessary risk.

Sandra Pellicci

Sandra Pellicci
Sandra Pellicci, Managing Director




Sandra Pellicci is the Founder and Managing Director of Pellicci Management Group (PMG) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Born in Germany, she is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of Project Management, Startup Management and Business Support. Sandra is best known for her dynamic leadership style, but more importantly, for her ability to make a tangible positive difference throughout her career and in the lives of the companies and clients she works with. As the driving force behind PMG, Sandra is intricately involved in every stage of the company’s operations, from strategy conception and planning to execution and management.


Career achievements


During her professional life, Sandra has successfully managed high-profile projects across multiple industry sectors in Germany, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates. In her 20+ years of experience, Sandra has held executive and project management positions in prominent Formula 1, life science, energy and telecommunications companies, not to mention being a key player in the development and opening of the Middle East’s largest integrated leisure and theme park. Her diverse professional background equips her with unparalleled commercial insight and the ability to adapt to new projects and industries. Every day, this unique skillset informs Sandra’s current role as Head of Pellicci Management Group.


Sandra’s relentless pursuit of new challenges has established her as an obvious first choice to spearhead complex, high-potential, and groundbreaking projects. She was hired to join the F1 Panasonic Toyota Racing Team when Toyota Motorsport was elected to build the first ever Toyota F1 car. The switch from manufacturing World Rally Cars to Formula 1 cars meant a complete overhaul of their manufacturing facility. Sandra’s pivotal role on the team involved developing, implementing and managing various cross-functional projects, which incorporated manufacturing, human resources and finance operations. During her time in Formula 1, Sandra also created and managed four commercial apprenticeship schemes, where previous attempts to achieve this had failed.


In Germany, Sandra successfully managed the startup of an energy trading company and was later appointed by an American Life Science company to lead the setup of their first European headquarters. In 2015, she was brought on board as a key member of the pre-opening team for LEGOLAND® DUBAI and LEGOLAND® Water Park. Her role involved liaising with multiple international stakeholders to ensure timely and on-plan construction of the site’s Service and Administration building. Sandra’s gift for overcoming setbacks and solving complex problems is one of the main reasons PMG’s services are highly regarded in the Middle East, and beyond.


Professional traits


Throughout her career, Sandra has demonstrated an unrivalled capacity for leading complex teams to success across uncertain ground. Her ability to inspire and unite team members, external vendors, and stakeholders creates a culture of accomplishment in which targets are beaten, standards are exceeded, and expectations are surpassed. Her agile, synergistic approach to management breaks the “one-size-fits-all” mold of traditional leadership and is the bedrock upon which the Pellicci Management Group was built.

Sandra believes in overcoming boundaries. Her illustrious international career has equipped her with an intuitive cultural sensitivity and a gift for managing cross-border projects. Driven to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and beliefs, Sandra leads her highly mobile executive team to work with startups, businesses, and individuals across the globe. She brings infectious positivity and consummate professionalism to every aspect of her work with PMG, its partners and clients.


Personal insights


Sandra resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but was born, raised and educated in Germany. She holds multiple professional accreditations, is fluent in both German and English, and continually improves her French and Spanish language skills. Sandra is an avid runner, has a keen interest in new technologies and is passionate about researching new business opportunities! In every facet of Sandra’s personal and professional life, she demonstrates a love of mastering new skills and an unshakeable will to succeed.